Extended Whānau + Maree Sheehan + Klim Type Foundry

Bronz Best Awards 2022 – Sound design and Music Composition

Mānuka is a typeface collection designed by Klim Type Foundry. We were tasked with creating the launch campaign for the collection.

In familiarising ourselves with the typeface, two key themes began to reasonate with the qualities of the typeface. The first being te reo Māori, the second being native flora and fauna.

Our approach was to create an audio visual poem that used te reo Māori to take a typographic walk through a native forest. The sonic composition was created by drawing upon the sounds of Te Taiao (nature) from the wind, to the sound of the trees, to insect and bird life. infused with hints of the pūtōrino (traditional Māori flute) and layered with subtle synthesised pads that supported an ominous mood.

Alongside various native plants, Māori onomatopoeic words for native bird calls were also introduced to the poem. Often, te reo Māori is associated with native birds, it’s a lyrical, rhythmic language and the metaphors between our manu (birds) and speech are many.

Throughout the poem, the different font weights and styles build visual relationships to different trees.

Certain parts of the poem also reference relevant whakatauki (Māori proverbs) that enforce the interconnectedness of nature and Māori culture.

The poem was brought to life by being projected at a large scale onto a wall of native bush.

The campaign videos activate the typeface and poem through mesmerising movements of trees dancing in the wind. The campaign photographs captures the essence of our native forest qualities within the forms of the typeface.

These assets were rolled out across social media, web and print applications.The result being not just a type specimen, but also a native species specimen, and a native language specimen.

Creative Directors
Tyrone Ohia
Chris Sowersby

Team Members contributors
Maree Sheehan – Sound Design and composition
Toaki Okano
Rob Lewis

Extended Whānau

Klim Type Foundry

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