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Maree Sheehan Music composition showreel 2023

Disrupt, written by former Māori Television journalist Aroha Awarau, and directed by actor Jennifer Te Atamira Ward-Lealand and produced by Peata Melbourne. Ward-Lealand says the short film is about methamphetamine addiction in Aotearoa, how families deal with it, whether Māori or Pākehā, and showcases a young man (Joe Dekkers-Reihana) and the love of his grandmother (Kararaina Rangihau) for her mokopuna.

Queer and Here
The Queer and Here television series had its debut broadcast on Māori Television on 19th May, 2022. Each of the six episodes follows Aniwa Whaiapu Koloamatangi (Te Rarawa, Te Aupuri, Waikato, Tainui, Tonga) who identifies as takataapui. Within this series he interviews members of the rainbow community and the allies. From meeting one of only two gay rugby teams in New Zealand, to interviewing LGBTQI+ pioneers and activists like Chloe Swarbrick, to receiving his first HIV test, Aniwa appears fearless in his pursuit to educate himself and his viewers. This first of its kind television series in Aotearoa is significant in that is investigates issues that affect the LGBTQI communities. Globally, queer youths are consistently over-represented in suicide and mental health statistics. They are also more likely to experience depression, homelessness, and discrimination and this is substantiated by Aniwa when interviewed for the New Zealand Herald “I wish I’d had access to a good television show detailing the queer experience”. In collaboration with series Director Ramon Te Wake, Jack Media engaged the music compositional skills of Maree Sheehan. It was extremely important to create the appropriate sonic expression that provided the desired texture and mood within each episode.
Home Land and Sea
Factual documentary series that highlights and promotes Māori success within the greater farming sector.

Plucked promo

2020 Sound design and music  – Maree Sheehan
BEST New Zealand short film DocEdge 2020 by Kirsty Griffin and Viv Kernick

Broken English

Featured song ‘You Can’t Hide Love’ – Maree Sheehan
Directed by Gregor Nicholas
Produced by Robin Scholes

Once Were Wariiors

Featured song on soundtrack ‘Kia tu mahea’ – Maree Sheehan
Directed by Lee Tamahori
Produced by Robin Scholes

Shortland StreetMusic featured in Shortland Street from album ‘Drawn In Deep’ – Maree Sheehan
Produced South Pacific Pictures
Broadcaster Television New Zealand

Aunty Moves In

Title music and sound design  –  Maree Sheehan
Production – Screentime/Kiwa Media
Broadcaster Māori Television