Film and Television

Plucked promo

2020 Sound design and music  – Maree Sheehan
BEST New Zealand short film DocEdge 2020 by Kirsty Griffin and Viv Kernick

Broken English

Featured song ‘You Can’t Hide Love’ – Maree Sheehan
Directed by Gregor Nicholas
Produced by Robin Scholes

Once Were Wariiors

Featured song on soundtrack ‘Kia tu mahea’ – Maree Sheehan
Directed by Lee Tamahori
Produced by Robin Scholes

Shortland StreetMusic featured in Shortland Street from album ‘Drawn In Deep’ – Maree Sheehan
Produced South Pacific Pictures
Broadcaster Television New Zealand

Aunty Moves In

Title music and sound design  –  Maree Sheehan
Production – Screentime/Kiwa Media
Broadcaster Māori Television