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F4 & Maree Sheehan Matariki; a song cycle in seven parts

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F4 & Maree Sheehan-Matariki; a song cycle in seven parts.

“We look up at the stars as they look down upon us”. F4, 2017
This work imagines a conversation between a family of stars, known as Matariki in New Zealand. Called The Hairy Head of the White Tiger Facing West or Mao in Taiwan, it is viewed as one of the 28 Ancient Palaces or Mansions of the Moon. In Greek mythology the family is known as Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlas. Astronomically this family has the designation Messier 45 or M45 and forms part of the Taurus constellation.
A version of how Matariki came to be, describes a family of fish, the children of which swim off to the reef and despite their mothers warnings about the fisherman’s nets, they venture too close and become ensnared. When the mother tries to rescue her children she too is trapped. The god of the forest hears their cries and takes pity on them; freeing them he casts them into the heavens to care for his father, the god of the skies.
In Chinese astrology, the symbolism of these stars is described in terms of the results of misjudged actions heralding unhappiness, when little children will be as close to the grave as old men with long white beards.


Ō Tū Kapua project

O tu kapua

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I was invited by the F4 Collective to join the TEMP project as sound designer and composer. TEMP is a creative initiative that brings together scientists and leading NZ artists to reframe and refresh climate science communication. TEMP has chosen to focus on five topics – water, food, shelter, weather and air – five artist(s) and scientist(s) teams collaborating to create high impact immersive participatory experiences. F4 was paired with NIWA (the National Institute of Weather and Atmospheric Research) together we were given the theme of AIR.
We were also given the only off site project, the other TEMP themes are clustered together under the umbrella of CEAC (Corbans Estate Arts Centre), TEMP-air was partnered with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery in Titirangi.This partnership opened up the opportunity to work with Te Uru’s Education Team, who has been integral to the development of the TEMP-air participatory projects, hosted by the gallery in 2016 and 2017.

O tu kapua